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DigiRoo Case

The only kid-friendly tablet
case ergonomically designed to
support positive posture. 

We must redefine wellness to incorporate the impact of the digital world on our kid’s development.

Interacting with some form of technology is now a part of everyday life. Smart devices like tablets and cellphones are most commonly used by our children, due to their easy use, size and accessibility.  There are many benefits to having finger-tip access to digital content, but have we really considered the impact to our kid’s overall wellness? How does the digital world change our definition of wellness?

Kids Digital Wellness offers so much more than helping you to know what tech to buy your child.

We have redefined wellness using our core pillars to educate, collaborate and inspire all things Kids Digital Wellness.

Something exciting has arrived. Meet our new product:
DigiRoo Case.

Ever notice how hunched over your child is when using a tablet? Let's ditch that poor posture habit together with DigiRoo -the only kid-friendly tablet case ergonomically designed to support positive posture.

Technology has had a significant impact on our kids health and development.

From an early age, kids are using tablets and smartphones more than ever. The size of the device causes their heads to look down at a lower angle than what experts consider safe, thus putting excessive strain and pressure on the neck and shoulders. This makes it challenging to avoid tension around the spine to ensure it develops in alignment.

Technology use is not slowing down, so we must adopt a preventative position to preserve kid's spine health. Currently, medical professionals are already seeing an increase in poor posture and neck pain among teens.


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