DigiRoo Kids iPad Case

Introducing the DigiRoo, the ultimate solution for promoting healthy screen time habits for kids. Our kid-friendly iPad case is ergonomically designed to support positive posture, providing a comfortable and safe viewing experience. With its innovative features and thoughtful design, the DigiRoo is the perfect companion for young tech enthusiasts, ensuring proper alignment and reducing strain on the neck and shoulders. Give your child the gift of healthy device usage with the DigiRoo, the only iPad case dedicated to their well-being.

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Product Details

- Ages 3+
- Made from recyclable EVA foam

The problem is solved

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“I am always reminding my daughter to place the device away from her lap (I have concerns about the EMF waves sitting on her body for prolonged periods of time), however it’s often in vain as her lap is the most natural place to rest her iPad while using it when relaxing. With the DigiRoo the problem is solved. She can comfortably use the device in the position she likes but it’s raised inches away from her lap. She adapted to the new case right away, as the cool colors and design gave her iPad a new toy feel so she was eager to try it out. It even made it easier to use with friends, as the DigiRoo raises the screen at a level for all to see better."

- Cherie D.

Better posture during screen time

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"The DigiRoo Case works like a dream for our toddler's posture during screen time. It is easy to adjust, durable and lightweight - perfect for travel"

- Bella R.

Screens adjusted to the proper viewing height

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“My son with autism uses his ipad daily for communication and using the DigiRoo was helpful because it adjusted to his viewing height, helping to keep his head raised while in use, rather than his normal bending of his neck and head down to view it. Also, any iPad stand that can withstand being dropped multiple time a day and the iPad stays intact is a winner in my book!”

- Thea F.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great Product

I purchased this product and gave it to a friend. She loves it for her 6 year old. Highly recommend!


I didn’t appreciate how poor our children’s posture was when using our old iPad set-up until we started using the DigiRoo. We noticed right away that they were able to sit straight up with their necks elongated as opposed to hunched over. The DigiRoo is also a great travel companion as it is lightweight, and the grip on the adjustable stand keeps the iPad firmly in place when placed on an airplane tray. We are very happy with our purchase!

Karen Mora
Happy Parent!

I purchased the DigiRoo because I noticed my daughter using her iPad with bad posture. I'm recommending this product because it has multiple positions to accommodate various desk heights and viewing angles. Now I don't have to worry about her posture as my 7 year old daughter can easily adjust the DigiRoo herself to set it to the most comfortable position. All the iPad buttons are still easy to access. It's also durable and packs down flat, so easy to travel with. I am very happy with my purchase.

Evandre Smith
A Dream Come True!

I've been searching the web for a product like this for quite some time and my every desire for a height adjustable tablet case has finally become a reality! The DigiRoo is an incredibly well envisioned, designed and manufactured tablet case that allows my child to view the screen comfortably at eye level. The case is sturdy, stylish and rigid enough to withstand the adventures that a toddler takes the tablet on from day to day. I really love how the case folds down to the shape of a normal tablet but has the ability to extended well into the air to achieve the ideal viewing height when seated or standing. It has survived multiple drops and we have not sustained any damage to the tablet or the case. I love the DigiRoo so much that I even use it myself when I am using the tablet for personal use as I prefer to have all my screens at eye level instead of bending my neck for long durations staring down at the screen. It is very imperative that children utilize the DigiRoo as long term, it has the ability to prevent unnecessary strain on their necks, back and spinal columns. I wholeheartedly believe that this product will sell millions of units long term and I am excited to be an early supporter of the DigiRoo journey! Thank you so much for creating this AMAZING product that has improved the life of our child and ourselves!

Perfect gift for little ones

Purchased this for my God daughter for Christmas and it has made her and her iPad even more inseparable now. The ease of carry and the ability to set it up anywhere really stands out, not to mention the fact that her posture is great no matter where she is watching her YouTube videos or playing educational games.
Excellent product and very durable.