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Redefining the digital world
with kids in mind

In a complicated world, our goal is to
make it easy for parents to implement
digital wellness habits at home.

How it began

Hi There! My name is Antonia. I’m a small island girl from Bermuda with a global-sized heart, advocating for the overall well-being of children and the personal care of Mothers everywhere.

As a working Mother of two young kids, wife and founder of Mothers & Daughters Empowered (https://mndempowered.com), I became acutely aware of both the benefit and the potential detriment of our emerging reliance on technology.

The world was catapulted into a virtual environment (Hello pandemic!) and access to technology was a critical component of survival…for us and the kids (Hello work-from-home and teach-from-home at the same time!).

How We Help

This organization is dedicated to transforming the way our kids interact with technology by equipping parents with the knowledge, tools and resources to implement digital wellness habits for their kids from 3 years old.

Also, this is a Shame-Free Zone! We have passed the threshold of believing we can live without accessibility of technology at our fingertips. It’s not going anywhere and honestly…why would you want it to. The key is to now safely and intentionally integrate it into our kid’s lives in the least disruptive way possible…physically, socially and emotionally.  

Kids Digital Wellness is on a mission to preserve kid’s spine health for generations to come.

More good stuff to come

Stick around, we have some exciting news coming!

A brand new product is on it's way here soon...


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