5 Reasons Why Your Kid's Posture Matters

5 Reasons Why Your Kid's Posture Matters

I frequently post about the importance of practicing healthy posture with your kids because I think that as parents and guardians, it’s SO important for us to not only be aware and understand the effects of technology on their physical health (& mental health) but also try and incorporate positive habits from a young age. 

If you hadn't thought about how your kid's posture can affect their future physical health, here are 5 reasons why it should be on your radar:

  1. Healthy posture helps your children avoid neck and back pain when using technology.
  2. It allows your kids to focus on their screens without straining their eyes 
  3. It keeps their breathing and circulation at optimal levels 
  4. It can help them avoid fatigue and tiredness
  5. It will lower their chances of technology related headaches and migraines 

Remember that our little ones love to mimic what we do so it's important to introduce healthy habits not just for them but for ourselves too. 

To encourage healthy posture for your kids while on their tablets, try the DigiRoo!
Our ergonomic design helps kids sit up straight, align their upper and lower body and focus on a screen that’s at eye level. The DigiRoo iPad case comes in two vibrant colors (pink and blue) while protecting devices from unwanted “oopsies.”

In other words, you can protect your iPad, and most importantly, support your child’s posture all at the same time!