Monitoring Your Child’s Tech Time Through Meaningful Conversation

Monitoring Your Child’s Tech Time Through Meaningful Conversation

When was the last time you checked in on your child’s tech usage? Either physically looking at their browser history and downloaded apps or simply asking questions. And be honest - remember this is a shame-free zone! 

I know some days it's a little bit harder to keep tabs on our child's activity minute by minute. And some days, the screen time gives us parents the space we need to do all the “things” that couldn’t get done.

Regardless of a busy life, we must intentionally check in with our kids and foster open conversations about their digital habits. In doing so, we can actually help them create healthy habits while using technology now and in the future. 

Here are some tips and conversation starters to help you have a meaningful dialogue with your kids around tech usage:

  1. Set ground rules and boundaries together: Come up with clear expectations and guidelines around digital usage. Be sure to include the consequences too, for any broken rules.
  1. Ask questions: Ask your children questions about their digital activity, such as what apps they use, who they talk to online, and what kind of content they like the best. This will give you some clues to what they’re exposed to.
  1. Encourage healthy online habits: Discuss ways your child can make the most of their online experiences, such as being kind to others, using privacy settings, and being mindful of their digital footprint.
  1. Have regular check-ins: Find an appropriate time to check in with your child about their digital habits and be sure to listen to their experiences without judgment.
  1. Stay connected: Let your child know that you're always available if they need help or advice with their digital habits. You may even want to join them and play their favorite games together.

By having open conversations and monitoring your child's digital habits, you can help them stay safe and healthy while they explore the digital world.

Happy chatting.