The Best Time For Screen Time

The Best Time For Screen Time

I often hear parents discussing the appropriate times for screen time and tech usage. 

Personally, I think we should do away with the idea that there is a “best time” to allow our kids to have their tablets. We know our kids better than anyone. 

And we should be actively trying to understand how screen time impacts what they should be doing right after.  

First, let’s think about the times we should avoid screen time. For example, the blue light from screens impacts melatonin production, which can affect the calming (or sleepy) feeling we get before bedtime. So, we should look to avoid screen time at least one hour before bed. 

Screen time isn’t a “one size fits all” but here’s what’s been working in our house lately: 

  1. We don’t allow screen time during the school week, unless the kids are doing a sanctioned homework assignment, like Doddle Math. 

  1. On weekends, we allow a mix of educational content and fun shows - not first thing in the morning and we still power off at least 30 minutes before bed.

  1. The timing of the screen time really just depends on how our day shapes up. We always allow for outdoor playtime and we infuse indoor activities so the kids typically don’t get more than 2 consecutive hours of screen time (but of course, there are the odd days when this escapes us).

  1. Each of my kids have a DigiRoo! Its height adjustable and multi-angle viewing features promote healthy spine habits and posture

I encourage you to spend some time and consider what could work in your own home. By developing habits and sticking to a screen time schedule, you can ensure that your children are getting the most out of their devices with a healthy balance of offline activities! 

Do you have more questions about navigating screen time in your home? Send us a note and we'll get back to you!